Characters: Family and related people (characters)

Armand Bastien (Father)
Father of the family and owner of the Mansion’s plantation. He was very strict powerful man, loved by his family and respected by everyone as part of the high society circle.Usually seen with his right hand man, George Garrett, the one who will carry out all his deeds and commands to the slaves who were exploited constantly and branded.
Cause of death: Some say he fell ill after the Night of the burning sorrows, probably because he went crazy or because of the curse. Some say he died in the house, some say he left the country, others say he still in the house.

Bruno Bastien (Older son)
The middle son of the family, who has been ill since birth, so instead of doing activities like any other teens, he relied on his books specially a fantasy one about knights and dragons.
Cause of death: One morning he was found death on his bed due to heart failure.

Christophe Bastien (youngest son)
Younger child of the family, as a toddler, used to bring laughter around the house, always with his little wooden toy horse in his little hands.
Cause of death: Little Christophe drowned on the bathtub mysteriously.

Dolores Bastien (Mother)
Wife of Armand Bastien, and mother of the three children. She comes from a loyal family -which explains her pride-  and because of it she possessed a pendant with high value to symbolize her status. She loved flowers and mostly her kids, although little distant of Frances. Sadly, she witnessed her children’s tragedy one by one. And she was living with agonizing pain and could not deal with it anymore.
Cause of death: She hung herself.

Estelle Bastien (Oldest sister)
She was the beautiful eldest daughter of the Bastien’s family. She loved music and played her violin around the house to cheer everyone including the slaves.
Cause of death: She fell through the stairs and broke her neck.

Frances Bastien (younger sister)
She was the youngest daughter of the family, and she was the only family member that truly bonded with the servants, specially Milagros and Maria who was her best friend. Frances was born deaf and mute so she expressed herself through drawings. Maybe because of this her mother, Dolores, was distant of her.
Cause of death: She moved out the country and died of old age.

Milagros (main maid)
The main maid of the Bastien family and mother of Maria. She takes care of the family and they trust her, but also ironically, she is seen as a “leader” by the slaves of the plantation, who hate the Bastien. Not much is known from her past but is believed she came from Haiti along with some native practices with her.
Cause of death: Tortured and then burned alive.

Maria (servant)
Maria was young and very close to Milagros and followed her lead, also she was very respectful and nice to everyone and genuinely cared about the family specially Frances who considered her as  a best friend.
Cause of death: Shot on the back by Armand as she was running out the house.

Eugene (butler)
Eugene, a quiet man, who only followed orders, but always keeping his roots with him, and loyal to Milagros.
Cause of death: Burned alive on the night of the curse.

George Garret (guardian of slaves)
The right hand of Armand Bastien, he was the guard of the slaves and made sure all of them worked in the plantation. He was described as a sadist and wicked. He lost an eye the night Maria was killed, locals called him One-eyed-Garret afterwards.
Cause of death: Mysteriously had self combustion after a voodoo doll caught fire.

Henry Rogers (private paranormal investigator)
A paranormal investigator and detective, hired in the 1990’s to check on the house and solve the mysteries, but never made it back. He was a very good researcher and used a lot of technology, along impressive intuition.
Cause of death: Undocumented.


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